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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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of the president's grin. it lived about 65 million years ago. there is all kinds of privileges including your name on a variety of different animals, insects. and jon scott spider. >> jon: that is boring. thank you for joining us today. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> please raise your right hand. i barack obama do solemnly swear that will will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability, and will to the best of my ability preserve and protect defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god.
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>> congratulations mr. president. >> second term has now begun, it is just over two hours and 50 seconds old. president obama sworn in for a second four years something 16 presidents before him have done. private ceremony in the blue room fulfilling the requirement that presidential terms begin on january 20th at noon. it kicked off a two day celebration that will bring hundreds of thousands of people back to the national mall for the president's inaugural address. we'll break down what we expect him to say. i'm eric shawn and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> i'm arthel nevil. a crowd up to 800,000 people expected to witnesses the public swearing in. his speech expected to layout his vision for the second term
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and where america needs to go. ed henry has more. ed, this time it went off without a hitch. i don't know when sasha was hugging him, you did it, you didn't mess up. >> reporter: it was funny because it was flawless. you remember what happened four years ago because chief justice roberts tried to memorize the oath. he wanted to make sure he got it right. he had his notes. it was rare because normally a president has events in bigger rooms like the east room, this is more intimate affair. he had close friends and family. as you noted there was a poignant moment. we cover the president and policies and controversies. here for a moment he was just a dad, getting a pat on the back from his daughters. take a listen.
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>> i did it. all right. thank you everybody. >> reporter: i did it the president said, maybe a sigh of relief and no mistakes as you noted. this was a long, hard fought campaign. only about 75 days it ended. by the way, vice president joe biden was sworn in before the president. the reason he did it so early because justice sotomayor had to get a train to new york city because she had a book signing for an important memoir because she cut things short and get out early. >> arthel: as that swearing off without a swearing in went off without a hitch but there are big policy challenges. what are you hearing about tomorrow's inaugural address that might set the table for all
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those battles? >> reporter: we're talking about all this pomp and circumstance tomorrow but it will be back to reality to the national security front. president over the last couple days have been getting regular updates about the terror attack in algeria. that is reminder of the al-qaeda threat all around the world particularly in north africa. on the domestic front, battles, gun control, immigration reform, debt ceiling. the president is going to try to lay out a grand vision. his aides say he wants talk about it coming together but others suggest he wants more division. >> he is going to talk about our political system doesn't require us to resolve all of our disputes, but it does require to seek common grouped. he'll make that point that people in washington need to seek common ground. >> i was surprised to see him
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transition his campaign committee to have an effort on the washington debate because it doesn't seem to me that the lesson of the first term worked out very well. >> roy blunt saying that what he wants to see and beyond is more presidential leadership. the president's aides say he'll talk about the leadership but more of a grand vision as we have seen in many addresses, especially in the second term, president bush and is the clinton, they tried to shape a vision. he will fill in the policy details whether he goes back to the capitol hill. >> arthel: ed, thank you very much. did you know that each inauguration has a seen. tomorrow it's called faith in america's future. it was chosen by the joint congressional committee and commemorates united states unity
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and also marks 150th year of placement of the statue of freedom on capital dome in 1853. luncheon and other activities will reflect the theme. >> eric: as i mentioned it was a small affair, less than 2 dozen people on hand at swearing in. his sister and her family, his brother, mother-in-law and other close family members. it was not open to the public and according to the tradition that dates back to the 19th century. public inaugurations have to be moved to the following monday if it falls on today, a sunday. it has happened a few times before including back in 1985 during the second inauguration of president ronald reagan and also when eisenhower, he took his first of the second oath on
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a sunday. >> arthel: and reports you probably saw the official swearing in live on fox news, but the real celebration will take place tomorrow when president obama takes his public oath of office in front of hundreds of thousands of well-wishers at the national mall. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live with the preview. right now how is the crowd overall? >> it's getting busy but not as busy as four years ago. president obama made history when he made reelection. he was the first president that had fewer popular votes and fewer votes in the electoral college. this is likely to be more subdued out of deference to the economy and national challenges faced by the u.s.a. and the new president there are metrics to show. four years ago there was about 2
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million people that showed up. this time around, experts are predicting somewhere between 600,000 to 800,000 so it could be a third of the crowd four years ago. in addition these are not expensive activities trick when you consider he has taken the oath of office and in his second term but they will do in ceremony. last time around it cost $53 million and obama administration raised that money. a lot of money but that was pretty significant amount of cash. this time around, in order to raise something close to it. they changed the rules. no more limitation to private donors, they are using corporate money something that barack obama disdained but that is something he would like to steer clear of. $50,000 cap made it kept to small donors, they have blown
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that off, too. they are not likely to match the number four years ago, $40-50 million, another time the second time around enthusiasm tends to wane. crowds are beginning grow here. unlike four years ago when this there was significant lawn man curing bill after the inauguration when hundreds of thousands of people marched all over it, on the malls between us and the capitol behind me, literally the distance from the capitol folks will be walking on plastic floor rather than tearing up the grass. >> arthel: that is a good thing. eric highlighted some of the ways this inauguration is historic. do you want to expound on that. >> reporter: on the 20th of the month constitutionally required that oath of office has fallen on a sunday. it was decided many years ago
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that it was essentially a no brainer to move it to monday. that will happen. last time it happened it was ronald reagan. there was significance of that day. it was the coldest inaugural address in history, 7 degrees. walter mondale did not attend. mitt romney will not be here. michael dukakis was a no-show in george h.bush's inauguration. a lot of people have left d.c. to get away for a few days. >> arthel: thank you so much. >> eric: after four years of partisan bickering, what tone should the president strike when he speaks tomorrow? andy card acting dean at bush school at texas a&m university, good to see you. how are you? >> great to be with you, eric.
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>> eric: you are not in washington and what can we expect during the speech tomorrow? >> first of all, inauguration igsz are very significant and very important. think about it. this is celebration of our constitution. you've got article one, congress inviting article 2, the president, to come and take the oath of office from article three the chief justice of the supreme court. it's a great time to celebrate the constitution. however, i do say that the tone will be different from what he practiced during his first term. his first term was centered around a one letter word "i" -- an "i" term for barack obama. i hope it will be we've got to solve these problems to go. i'm not talking about we in yes,
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we can, but congress has to work with the president. the president has to work with congress. so that requires presidential leadership. we didn't see a lot of it in the first term. i am hoping he will reach across the aisle to solve some of the big problems like war on terror, like the challenges of the deficit and the debt, and also to get a budget. we haven't had had a budget in a long time. i hope he will step up to responsibilities to be a president that is inclusive rather than exclusive and focus on the word, we can do it together. >> eric: this morning, on fox sunday, it's common ground and grand themes, but look -- and compromise. his campaign organizing for america they changed that organizing for action. he will be pushing his policies. how does that square with the theme of common ground?
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>> i think it's a little inconsistent. president should be listening to people who won election during the last cycle. there were a lot of republicans that won pretty solid elections and now serving. i want to make sure the president is inclusive with the word we, and he has to try to find common ground with them rather than stand with home common ground. >> eric: how about dealing with the debt ceiling and mr. boehner he won't negotiate anymore? >> the president is going to have to reach across the aisle and demonstrate sincerely he will listen and work. he has to show up for negotiations. he was an absent president when it came to negotiating some of the solutions to the big problems during his first term. he has to be part of the solution and work with congress to try to get things done. we watched george w. bush do it when he did it in a
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controversial election, first term and second term. first term he reached across the aisle and got tax cuts for everyone even though the united states senate switched majority control from republicans to democrats in may of his first year in office. then he worked across the aisle to get education reform done. it can happen, but it takes a president who is willing to be presidential and really lead rather than just demand. >> eric: do you think he can take a page from george w. bush. what did you advise the president at that time and what lessons from that experience that president obama can take as he enters into his second term? >> president bush had the advantage of being a governor where he had to work with other people on the other side of the aisle. he did that successfully in texas. when he got to washington, d.c. he was committed to govern the country, not just the one that demanded change. he wanted to work with the democrats and republicans to bring change to reality.
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he did a pretty good job of it. very first meeting that george w. bush had at the white house with people outside were leaders of the democratic party. he brought in some of the gray beards of the democratic party and how he work as governor and how he wanted to do the same thing as president of united states. it was hard but wasn't easy and i'll never forget how hard we worked to get the first tax cut that provided economic stimulus for the country. we need that kind of work today. >> eric: do you think he'll sit down with mr. boehner for lunch, do you think he'll take that page from that? >> the lunch is a celebration of our democracy and constitution. he'll have all branches of government there. it will be very polite. i think they will not be heavy discussions around some of the challenges that president faces and congress has to deal with. so i'm not expecting a lot of real work to be done at that
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lunch to celebrate the swearing in. that comes around the parade down pennsylvania avenue. and the staff at the white house new advisors to the president, he'll have a new chief of staff and some new members of the cabinet will hopefully be sworn in. those personality changes are also good for america because so often many of our policies end up being defined by the personalities that defended them. maybe they can open the doors for a better dialogue with congress as he outlines the agenda. >> eric: enjoying the lunch and then tuesday morning, back to the grind. andy card. >> it wille heavy change. >> eric: full and complete coverage and bret baier and megyn kelly will anchor the events. ceremonies kick off tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.. >> arthel: after what critics have called the divisive four
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years in office, president obama says he wants to find common ground with lawmakers. now there is a new fox poll out on the president's attitude toward congressional republicans. we'll show what it says. >> eric: new details in the four day hostage crisis involving oil workers that terrorists were armed to cause maximum destruction. questions today and serious questions about al-qaeda and the group and the siege. we'll have a live report coming up. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel...
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>>. >> arthel: fox news alert. new video coming in from the scene from the bloody scene in the desert involving americans. video of the aftermath of four-day hostage crisis at a gas planted showing charred wreckage of vehicles some with bullet holes. we're seeing for the first time what is believed to be the cache of weapons and ammunition said to have been found at the plant including grenades and explosives. also found at the scene, walkie-talkies and mobile phones. state of two americans still remain uncertain. conner powell has more. >> reporter: officials say they
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are sifting through the debris what sounds like an awful sight at bp gas facility. hundreds of hostages are free but several dozen are reportedly dead and according to a private television station in algeria they say authorities spent the day looking for bodies. they found dozens of bodies in that bp gas facility, but many of them so badly damaged it's impossible to tell if they were the terrorists who attacked the plant or if they were hostages. making matters worse, security officials believe there are booby traps and mines all over that bp gas facility. now, identifying the bodies is going very slow because both of these issues. as of now the death toll stands at 23 but algerian officials say it will likely increase. earlier officials said that all 32 of the militants that launched the attack are killed, but now they are saying five of them are picked up. this is the type of information
3:23 pm
that problems with information we've been seeing coming out of algeria for the last 48 hours or so. it's been inconsistent and all over the place. it's been confusing. it's really been part of the problem both in terms of the relationship between algeria and the western countries like the united states that had civilians there and just reporting and for family members who was killed and who is alive. over the next few days we hope to get better information. it looks like they are not prepared or able to provide the type of information people are expecting. >> arthel: thanks, coner. >> eric: did you know that the president actually took four oaths of office by tomorrow. why is that? we'll give you the answer and other surprising facts about presidential inaugurations coming up. ♪ ♪
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>>. >> eric: just about three and a half hours ago the president was sworn into the office for a second four-year term and key to successful term could be the relation with congress. the president they say start offing the wrong foot feuding over the debt ceiling and gun control. mike, what are key republicans saying about the president doing with them in congress? >> reporter: one of key things for republicans even though president obama was the united states senator representing illinois, he likes to work around congress. on dealing with congress, roy blunt says he needs to be realistic. >> he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach a lot better than the legislative approach and you can't get that far with
3:29 pm
executive orders. you've got to legislate, you don't control the whole congress. >> reporter: he says with a divided government. republicans controlling the house, democrats controlling the senate and obviously the white house, there is an opportunity to get big things done. >> eric: the president's allies and staff saying about this, any change? >> reporter: essentially what they are saying he will use inspirational words to try to motivate the country. tomorrow lab general layout of what he wants to do over the next four years, where he wishes to take the country. when he does the state of the union address he'll get in more detail. here is david plouffe. >> he is going to talk about our political system to resolve all of our disputes, but it does require to seek common ground. he is going to make that point very strong ily that people here
3:30 pm
in washington need to seek common ground. >> reporter: we expect to see a lot of smiles on capitol hill as the president is sworn in terms of the public event. then we'll see if the smiles last when it comes back to the fiscal fight. >> eric: the truth is what happens after the day after tomorrow. >> arthel: public may not be sold on the president's promise to seek common ground. 55% of registered voters say president obama attitude toward congressional republicans is more confrontational, 30% say he is more bipartisan and 15% say they aren't sure. julie is an advisor and angela is an analyst goosmtd to see both of you. you hear in the second inaugural speech the president is going to encourage common ground. he is going to encourage the
3:31 pm
american people to be more engaged in the political process citizen input is important. julie you're going to go first. in what ways does the president need to improve his approach in terms of his relationship with congress? >> there are complaints from members of congress both democrats and republicans, maybe surprised to hear that president do the back slapping thing with him like other presidents. he is not notorious by picking up the phone and calling people and making them feel good about themselves. president saying i got lucky to do a job not necessarily to do back slapping but i think both of us would agree that this is a town where people need a lot of hand holding and personal attention. maybe if he wants to get further along he may want to try that approach. >> it doesn't matter what
3:32 pm
corporation you work for. you have to get along with people. personal relationships are very important. >> arthel: with that said though let's talk about what congress needs do to better their relationship with the president. do you think the voice of the people will have impact on congress's approach? >> it's part of our constitution that we have the right to state our grievances. the bottom line is this. obama was the one he was going to change we can the way we know it. this is back in 2008. they were going to have a transparent government. white house is the people's house. instead of reaching across the aisle with open hands, he has reached across with a clenched fist, what we need to do republicans need to stop the rhetoric. obama needs to stop the blaming and recognized to coming together and show true leadership. this organizing for america and organizing for action in his campaign committee has turned
3:33 pm
not for profit, is this going to educate the american people or just another liberal spin machine? >> arthel: so you said congress should do of improving the relationship. i don't know if you told me if the voice of the people will play a part in that. >> our responsibility, congress should reach out to us. president works for us. we have the right to state our grievances but we have to take control. that is the problem. we have let washington, d.c. run amok. i don't think it's up to president or congress to allow the people to more involved. congress belongs to us and white house belongs to us. more people lose jobs, i think they will face grievances. >> arthel: let's talk about some of the major issues they are facing. immigration, gun laws, we're talking about spending cuts. do you think it's possible for
3:34 pm
the president, congress, everybody to work together somehow -- i'm not going to say everybody is going to agree on anything because that is unrealistic -- but do you think they can have a working relationship that the major challenges can be overcome in the next four years? >> maybe i'm being as operational but i sure hope so, aspiration al. pew did a poll the theory of compromise by party. about 60% of democrats said compromise is very important. that is 36% of republicans. that is very interesting to note if you are republicans in washington you have to answer to your base. if the base is not necessarily doesn't want to compromise you are in trouble because these are people you are going to. when you have a disparity in terms of compromise that is something the republicans need to look at. >> arthel: julie, the republican
3:35 pm
base is not up for compromise? >> i'm not implying but it's the poll and if you believe the poll 36% say it's important and 59% of democrats. that is not an implication on my parted but the poll. if republicans don't want to be a regional parties er parity and want to appeal to independent voters they need to realize to reach out their hand. >> it is the tea party as the base of the party that did not want to compromise. the boehner when we talked about the fiscal cliff, going to the table and negotiating, not only did he push nancy pelosi still on taxes, he also dider skin bowls. >> arthel: do you think that speaker boehner can get his caucus to work together moving forward for the next four years?
3:36 pm
>> arthel, it's going to be very difficult but i think he can, but we do have a republican party that is divided. they have a lot of work to do. we have a tea party on principle and they need to work together to get what they need to get. the bottom line is this, if they don't work together then we'll be the same mess for another four years. >> arthel: let's hope not. angela, good to see you, julie, thank you as well for your outlook on this. >> eric: now for a look beyond the news for a continuing issue that divided our country for decades. here a liz with commentary. >> 40th anniversary of the roe versus wade division by the u.s. supreme court for the feminist left in 1973 was a crowning achievement. abortion was here to stay enshrined as a nation's law.
3:37 pm
you can sure that aging saints will be available for interviews when the media that loves abortion for worship and remember answer. four decades later, however, there is note passing the graveyard in the run-up to the anniversary. even "time magazine" or what is left of it, said of the pro-abortion activists on the latest cover, quote, they have been losing ever since. at the state level they pointed out anti-abortion or pro-life activists and lawyers have succeeded into winning important restrictions on federal law enough to make a roll back of rowe to seem in reach. how single mothers are still regarded is still part of the outmoded talking parts. but there is something to in favor of more inclusive term that would be other rights
3:38 pm
abortion rights revolves around motives in collecting them. there is little change in polls over the years. majority of the americans say they don't want it overturned and at the same time 47% say abortion is, quote, morally wrong. that is ambivalence. that doesn't mean abortion supporters think the procedure is free of guilt. how many abortions have been performed in the 40 years since rowe is not disputed. in the united states more than 55 million babies have been surgically or chemly kli dissolved. one child per 30 seconds. the deserved attention to the slaughter in newtown in the holocaust of the unborn. the argument for abortion have to the changed. women's right to control her own body as if any of us if god
3:39 pm
really can. activists and younger versions speak of reproductive rights and public health. they concentrate their focus on women, not the murder of children. perhaps this is why the abortion issue is still an unhealed wound in the moral life of the nation, but also makes it more difficult to argue for abortion when science and miracle of ultrasound now allows us and mothers to get a look my the womb to see a living, breathing person. activists have fought this, a testament to their raw disregard for both mother and child. planned parenthood the mother load under attack while american taxpayers paid for half its budget. $542 million according to the latest report. planned parenthood insists to provide for the health of women, but privately even the own
3:40 pm
members speculate the real reason is to provide contraception. there is strong argument to hold the radical leftists of the abortion movement for the responsible for the problems with the cull legislature, sue suicide, contempt for morality and religion. granted cynicism and vulgarity and you hold life cheap there is little protect. so in the march of stars and parade of abortions, wonder women begins, who will remember the silent wail of 55 million children who died to make it more convenient for their mothers? >> eric: new concerns over our nation's federal spending. new government report raises red flags saying the nation is at an unsustainable fiscal path. look at that debt going up and up, what steps need to be taken to save us. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
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>>. >> arthel: a new report raising concerns about nation's federal spending warning that if no policy changes are made the country is on unsustainable path. the government accountability office which is non-partisan government agency notes the dealt held by the public has increased to 73% of the g.d.p.. that is the highest of 2000 and it's grown by a whopping 54% over the last four years. at that pace we're going to top $25 trillion public debt by 2017. now, the sobering report comes as we get a brand-new poll, whopping 83% of americans believe that government spending is out of control. so what policy changes do we need to make now to keep the nation from reaching a financial crisis? joining us now, brenda buttner is a senior correspondent and
3:46 pm
anchor of "bulls and bears." hello. even in the face of political hurdles what can president and congress do to get america's fiscal house in order? >> let me get to that in one minute. i want to take one of those numbers, which is at 73% of our g.d.p. is spent on debt. that would be like saying, take all your income, three-quarters of it is spent not on what you are spending now, but on stuff you already paid for. so what credit card bills you would go bankrupt. we don't get bankrupt because we print money but that is how serious this is to show it as a budget for an american, there is no way we could handle it. the government does it all the time. >> arthel: wasn't the fiscal cliff, wasn't that dealing with monies that you are already spent and allotment to pay those bills?
3:47 pm
>> yes. so what the debt ceiling is all about. basically congress has not done and congress and president has not done anything. i am not talking about anything. over the next 75 years, 70% of deficit spending is going to come from medicare programs alone, social security and medicare are the biggest part of the debt. the reason they are known as third rail of politics because if you touch them you are committing political suicide. george bush tried it and he was shut down. no lawmakers want to cut into medicare and social security because they would basically get voted out of office. that is what is interesting about this poll basically. you have all these americans and government spending is you on will krof, what we need to do is deal with entitlements, deal with social security and medicare that are going
3:48 pm
otherwise we're going broke. they say don't cut my social security. don't cut my medicare. that is the issue here. >> arthel: brenda, as a business expert, would you if you were going into books and looking at those systems, would you go in there and look at some of the unnecessary expenses, perhaps the administrative costs or make adjustments to make it fit where the public doesn't sort of freak out thinking their benefits will be cut? >> administrative costs, that is on the edge. that is not going to take care of what we need to do. what needs to be done, raising retirement age, or doing means testing on social security so there are some things. they are very politically sensitive and that is why we're in the mess we are in. >> arthel: good to see you. >> eric: when he raises his right hand tomorrow he will be following american history.
3:49 pm
coming up a presidential historian and what we can expect in the future. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>>. >> eric: president obama took the oath of office and a day steeped in the nation's history. when he does it tomorrow during the official ceremony at the capitol it will be the fourth
3:53 pm
time he raises his right hand. here a presidential historian, he will have taken four oaths, puts him at the same league at fdr. >> that is right. franklin roosevelt took the oath four times and bit of a fluke for a president who is limited to two terms to take it four times. that is what happens when you have it last time and repeat it and, of course, we had january 20th fall on sunday which is private ceremony today. >> eric: you have written about the resolution and founding fathers. what do you think they would say if they came back and turn the tv and watched what is going to happen tomorrow? >> i think they would be thrilled that so many american people can watch the peaceful transfer of power under the u.s. constitution. that is really what an inauguration is all about. >> eric: george washington wore ra brown suited and white silk
3:54 pm
stockings, and he had a sword. can you imagine if the president came out with a sword? and it was the same sense of history and love of our country that has continued through all these years? >> yes, the love of country and patriotism, things are different but obviously washington's first inaugural was in new york. we now have the capitol in washington, d.c. it used to be inside but because so many people wanted to see it they moved it outside. things like that have evolved but the same essence of swearing to uphold the laws and u.s. constitution remains. >> eric: they can put aside the rancor and infighting. they will sit together tomorrow and on tuesday they will be throwing tomatoes? >> i doubted they will be throwing tomatoes at the lunch, i hope not. today we do not observe a
3:55 pm
victory of party but a celebration of freedom. ifer focused on that, you can have a lot of unity even amongst the political bickering before and after. >> eric: do you think in a sense when we watch that tomorrow that should be the legacy of somehow both sides to come together to solve some of the problems we face? >> i think that is what the american people expect especially when they created the divided government. look at the big picture. that is what inaugural speeches is all about. to look at the big overwhelming picture and to provide hope and enthusiasm for the american people. >> eric: can we expect some rousing type of quote from the president tomorrow, we've had such wonderful ones in the past. >> i hope so. some of the krit sif78 he didn't
3:56 pm
give enough memorable one-liners. john f. kennedy was great. let us not negotiate out of fear but let us not fear to negotiate. that would be nice to hear some of those. >> arthel: what can you do for your country, so we'll be watching out for those tomorrow. jane, thanks so much. hope the founding fathers i think they would be pretty astounded. >> arthel: that is going to do it for us. i'm a art art. >> i'm eric shawn and we have continuing coverage of the swearing in tomorrow in tomorrow's presidential inauguration. coming up gregg jarrett and heather childers right when we come back. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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